Dal lake is surrounded by deep deodhar forests and is situated approximately 4 km from guest house. This lake is an
ideal base camp for trekkers coming from Mcleodganj. during the month of september, annual fair is organised on the
banks of dal lake, where tourists take dip in the holy water. it is believed that dip in the holy dal lake removes all the
miseries and will be blessed by Lord Shiva.

This lake is located in the kangra district and is situated at a height of 1,775 m above the sea level. It is a brownish
looking lake lying on the main raod to naddi and Strawberry hills.
Distance from Guest House : 3.5 KM


Bhagsu nag temple is one of the popular ancient temples, which is located at about 3km east of the main city of
Mcleodganj and around 2 km from Guest House. It is surrounded by the famous Bhagsu fall and is considered to be a
popular place of hindu pligrimage. An annual fair is conducted in the month of september at this temple which attracts
tourist from across the globe.
Near bhagsunag temple,there is a water-fall which is very famous . during monsoon, this waterfalls turns into a 30ft
cascade, alongside a mountain that features state graffiti.
The bhagsu village is popular for organising picnics and is home to famous for temple. The waterfall is located on the
main road connecting Mcleodganj and dharamshala.
Distance from Guest House : 1.5 KM

His Holiness Temple

The Dalai Lama temple complex, on Temple Road, is just a short walk from the Guest House . The temple complex is
open daily, from sunrise to sunset, and visitors are welcome to explore the peaceful ambiance of the surroundings.

In the early morning, you are welcome to participate as the monks chant and meditate. You can join local residents for
a meditative walk around the temple/monastery complex. Along the way you will see many prayer flags and "mani"
Distance from Guest House : 1.5 KM

Norbuliunka Institute

The Norbulingka Institute, a center that is dedicated to the preservation of Tibetean culture. Due to Chinese domination
of Tibet and the moving of more mainland Chinese into Tibet, there is a fear that the culture of Tibet is being lost. And
hence the institute. It is a very beautiful place, with lots of greenery and silence inside. There is a guest house, a doll
house, a Buddhist temple and learning place, and a shop that sells Tibetean products (very beautiful).
Distance from Guest House : 19 KM

Church in the Wilderness

It is an Anglican church located in the forest near Forsyth Gunj. The neo-Gothic stone building of the Church was
constructed in 1852. The site also has a memorial of the British Viceroy Lord Elgin, and an old graveyard. The Church
building is also noted for its Belgian stained-glass windows donated by Lady Elgin. The Church is heavily surrounded by
wooded pine and deodar forest.

Distance from Guest House : 2 KM

Shakti Peets
Chamunda Mata

One of the Jwalapeeths, the temple is very famous and gets a large number of disciplines on a daily basis, and  
many more on auspicious periods. There is a stream flowing just next to the temple, and it is considered holy to  
take a bath in this stream as well. The shrine also has a beautiful statue of Hanuman and Lord Ram. The temple is  
located around 20 KM from the town of Kangra.

Distance from Guest House : 29 KM

Brijeshwari Mata

The Brajeshwari Devi temple, located in the old Kangra Township, is said to have been built over the charred breasts  
of Sati. This shrine, once renown for its great wealth, has been plundered relentlessly over the ages. The first of the  
plunderers was Mahmud of Ghazni, who looted it in 1009. A mosque was built on the ruins and a garrison was left  
behind. 35 years later, the local king regained its possession. The shrine was repaired and a replica of the idol was  
enshrined. The temple was filled with gold, silver and diamonds only to be ransacked again in 1360 by Firoz Tughlaq.  
Later Emperor Akbar visited the shrine with his Dewan, Todar Mal and restored it to its former grandeur. The temple  
was razed to the ground by an earthquake in 1905, but a new one came up the very same year, thanks to the  
Kangra Restoration Committee.
Distance from Guest House : 27 KM

Chintpurni Mata

CHINTPURNI JI temple in Una, Mata Chintpurni Devi is also known as Mata Shri Chhinnamastika Devi. Devotees  
have been visiting this Shaktipeeth for centuries to pray at the lotus feet of Mata Shri Chhinnamastika Devi.They  
bring with them their worldly concerns and seek blessings from the Devi.It is believed that if you ask something from  
the Devi with a true heart, your wish will be granted.

Distance from Guest House : 107 KM

Naina Devi

Lord Shivaís consort Sati once burnt herself alive in Yagna to avenge an insult to Lord Shiva. The distraught Shiva  
picked her corpse and gyrated his horrified dance. Then Lord Vishnu unleashed his Chakra and cut the Satiís body  
into fifty one pieces to save the earth from Shivaís wrath. All the fifty one places - where parts of Sati's body fell,  
became known as Shakti Peeths. It is believed that Satiís eyes fell at the place where this temple is situated.  
Therefore, this temple is called Naina Devi.

Distance from Guest House : 204.5 KM
Main Tourist attraction and its distance from the Shiv Shakti Guest House.
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